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Products by LYS Group

SALSA, efficient syntactic analysis for large-scale sentiment analysis

FastParse, the fastest natural language parsers

DiCE, Dictionary of Spanish Collocations

HARTA, a tool to assist in the writing of academic texts

An improved Spanish version of SentiStrength

Bertinho, Galician BERT representations

Galician-TreeGal, Universal Dependencies treebank for Galician

XIADA, tagger/lemmatizer of present-day Galician

Planar and 2-planar dependency parsers of MaltParser

COMPAS, COMpiler for PArsing Schemata

HieroFinder, a hieroglyphic text retrieval tool

LIBNADFA, a library for efficient management of very large dictionaries

TALFJava, Java code libraries for teaching Automata Theory and Formal Languages

Top Player LYS, Roguelike computer games for visually impaired users