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About LYS Group

LYS is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research group of the University of A Coruña formed by professors and researchers from the Departments of Arts (General Linguistics) and Computer Science and Information Technology (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence). With more than thirty years of experience, the members of LYS carry out their research activity in the fields of Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing and Language Technologies, interdisciplinary fields in which the interests, knowledge and techniques of linguistics and computer science converge. In simple terms, we can say that the aim of their activity is to create linguistic resources and computational models of language for the automatic processing of the information encoded in texts, both for their recognition and understanding and for their generation. The models and resources developed for this purpose are useful both for exploring the nature of linguistic communication and for the construction of practical solutions to facilitate interpersonal and human-computer communication.


LYS Group has been accredited as a Competitive Reference Group by the Regional Government of Galicia.

External evaluations of the LYS Group were conducted in 2012, 2015, 2018 and 2023 by the National Agency of Evaluation and Prospective (ANEP) and as a result it has been rated as Excellent, internationally comparable quality in its scientific field.

International co-operation

Members of LYS group form part of the project UzUDT: Universal Dependencies Treebank and parser for natural language processing on the Uzbek Language (REP-25112021/113) funded by the Word Bank under Component 1 "Improving research excellence and commercialization" of the call "Modernizing Uzbekistan National Innovation System".

LYS Group have also been a partner of the project CLASS: Development of an interdisciplinary master program on Computational Linguistics at Central Asian universities (Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education 585845-EPP-1-2017-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP).

Research networks

In the international sphere, members of the LYS Group are part of the European network Foundations of Trustworthy AI - Integrating Learning, Optimization and Reasoning (TAILOR). Formerly, LYS Group have been a partner of ESF Research Networking Programme: Evaluating Information Access Systems (ELIAS)

In the national sphere, LYS Group has been the co-ordinator of the Galician Network on Linguistic Resources for a Knowledge Society (RELISCO) and a partner of Spanish Network on Resources for Language Technologies (ReTeLe), Spanish Network on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Processing (TIMM), Galician Network on Lexicography (RELEX). Galician Network on Language Processing and Information Retrieval (RedPLIR) and Galician Network on Corpus Linguistics (Rede_Corpus).

Members of the LYS group are part of the UDC-Inditex Chair of Green Algorithms for AI funded by the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Administration through the call for the creation of university-industry chairs (ENIA Chairs, National Artificial Intelligence Strategy), aimed at research and development of artificial intelligence, for its dissemination and training within the framework of the European Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, funded by the European Union-Next Generation EU.

Educational co-operation

Members of LYS group participate in the project coordinated by the IES Fernando Wirtz in A Coruña Creation of a pretrained language model using self-attention techniques to explore architectures that allow its use in natural language processing appllications in Galician language both in education and business, founded by the Xunta de Galicia call for technological or scientific innovation projects in the field of vocational education.

Management positions

The LYS Group has a strong commitment to the teaching and research community of the University of A Coruña, which is why its members have been involved in many areas of university management in recent years:


Members of the group work at the Faculty of Informatics and at the Faculty of Philology of the University of A Coruña

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